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  • Welcome to Lake Valley Fire Protection District

    Welcome to Lake Valley Fire Protection District

    It is the mission of the Lake Valley Fire Protection District to protect our community, its people, and environment, by providing the highest level of fire suppression, emergency medical, disaster, hazardous materials, and fire prevention Read More
  • Operations Division

    Operations Division

    The mission of the Operations Division is to protect our community's people, property and environment by conducting aggressive emergency operations to mitigate threats caused by fire, medical emergencies, hazardous materials, and disasters. Read More
  • Fire Prevention Division

    Fire Prevention Division

    The mission of the fire prevention division is to protect our community's people, property and environment by preventing emergencies through providing inspection, plan checking, and fire and life safety education services. The Fire Prevention Division Read More
  • Fire Adapted Community

    Fire Adapted Community

    A Fire Adapted Community acknowledges and takes responsibility for its wildfire risk, and implements appropriate actions at all levels. Actions address resident safety, homes, neighborhoods, businesses and infrastructure, forests, parks, open spaces and other community assets Read More
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State of California Fire Prevention Fee

Recently the State of California has begun sending out bills from the State board of Equalization to property owners throughout the State including properties within the boundaries of the Lake Valley Fire Protection District. The bills are for what the State of California is referring to as a “Fire Prevention Fee”. The “Fire Prevention Fee” was created under an Assembly Bill by the California Legislature as a part of the 2011 / 2012 California State budget adoption. The “Fee” is to replace money taken away from the State Fire Department’s (Cal-Fire) budget. It is not for the enhancement of fire protection services by Cal-Fire. The “Fire Prevention Fee” revenue raised does not go to the Lake Valley Fire Protection District. As the “Fire Prevention Fee” is not considered to be a “Tax” by the State of California, no property owners had the opportunity to vote on the issue as would have been required under Proposition 218 had the “Fee” been a “Tax”.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is planning on filing a lawsuit against the State of California as they feel that the “Fee” is actually a “Tax” and therefore is in violation of Proposition 218. They can be contacted at  HYPERLINK ""

The State of California is operating a website at  HYPERLINK "" with more official information on the “Fire Prevention Fee”

Please feel free to contact the Lake Valley Fire Protection District at 530-577-3737 if we can be of any assistance or answer any questions.

The following frequently asked questions are provided by the State of California:

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North Upper Truckee Grant


Lake Valley Fire Protection District (District) received grant funding for treating fire hazardous fuels on private vacant lots in the North Upper Truckee neighborhood. The State of California Proposition 40 funding is administered by CALFIRE and available immediately. A processing fee or match funding is required to participate. If your vacant lot is a concern to your neighbor, now is the time to get it cleared. Please contact the District at (530) 577-2447 for all the details. Funds are limited so please don’t wait.

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Can Your Ashes

 Public Service Announcement

Recent house fires prompt official warning to 'can your ashes'

Improperly stored fireplace ashes are being blamed for a 2011 Christmas Day blaze in Connecticut which killed five people. Two recent fires in South Lake Tahoe had the same cause, one was stopped quickly, but the other developed into a full blown structure fire. Lake Valley Fire Protection District with the assistance of South Lake Tahoe Fire Department, were able to control and contain the fire from extending to another home a few feet away, as well as, the quick stop into the adjacent wildland.

Authorities said discarded fireplace and wood stove ashes are a major cause of house fires every year.

Locally, the Lake Valley Fire Protection District has kicked off a "Can your ashes" campaign.

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Hazardous Wood Roof Replacement Grant Program

Hazardous Wood Roof Replacement Grant Program

Lake Valley is no longer accepting roof grant applications

  • For those who already have applications in, it will take some time for Cal EMA to process them.  You will probably not hear from us until July or August.

  • There will be instructions for homeowners when it is time to start receiving roofing bids – Cal EMA has to confirm that the properties are eligible.

  • A courtesy roofing contractor list will be made available at that time.

  • All defensible space must be compliant with a final inspection after the roof has been completed.

  •  Visit the Wood Roof Replacement Program page...

Thank you!

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