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Measure B

Measure B Special Tax

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lake Valley Fire Protection District? 

The Lake Valley Fire Protection District was established in 1947 as an independent special district with the authority to provide fire protection services, rescue services, emergency medical services, hazardous material emergency response services, and other services related to the protection of lives and property. The District is currently staffed with 28 full-time firefighters and serves the population in the Lake Tahoe Basin area. The population served includes approximately 12,000 permanent residents and another 50,000 in population during tourist seasons.

The District’s jurisdiction covers approximately 85 square miles of land extending from the El Dorado/Placer County line on Highway 89 North, West to Twin Bridges on Highway 50, South to the El Dorado/Alpine County line on Highway 89 South, and east to the city limits of South Lake Tahoe.


What is Measure B?

Measure B is a special tax proposed to the registered voters of the Lake Valley Fire Protection District to assist the District with funding the replacement of aging and outdated firefighting vehicles and equipment. If approved by two-thirds of the registered voters voting in the March 3, 2020 election, a special tax may be levied annually by the District to pay for authorized purposes.


What does Measure B pay for?

Measure B will fund the replacement of aging and outdated firefighting vehicles and equipment that will improve the District’s response capabilities. More specifically, Measure B monies are only authorized to fund the purchasing, maintaining, replacement, or leasing of fire engines, vehicles, equipment and supplies, along with any costs to annually administer the special tax.

The District completed a 15-year capital expenditure plan for replacing aging and outdated equipment. A summary of the plan may be viewed online at or at the District offices upon request. Please contact Martin Goldberg with any questions by calling (530) 577-3739.


Can Measure B pay for salary increases for firefighters or District staff?

No, Measure B funds cannot be used for salaries or staffing. Measure B funds may only be used for the authorized purposes, which generally includes fire engines, vehicles, equipment and supplies.


How is the Measure B special tax charged?

The Measure B special tax will be levied annually through the El Dorado County secured property tax roll.


How much is Measure B?

Measure B proposes a $52 per parcel special tax be levied annually.


Can the Measure B parcel tax increase annually?

No. The Measure B special tax cannot increase above $52 per parcel per year without voter approval.


Are there exemptions from the Measure B special tax?

All property subject to ad valorem property taxes are subject to the Measure B parcel tax including any taxable possessory interests in exempt properties.


If approved, when will the Measure B special tax go into effect?

If approved, the Measure B special tax will go into effect July 1, 2020. The first annual special tax will be placed on the Fiscal Year 2020/21 secured property tax bill that is due to the County in two installments: December 10th, 2020 and April 10th, 2021, and will be levied each year thereafter.


Who will ensure that Measure B funds are only utilized for the authorized purposes?

Following the levy and collection of the special tax, the District’s Board of Director shall establish an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee which shall conduct an annual independent performance audit to ensure that the special taxes have been expended only for the authorized purposes set forth in the adopted resolution and ballot measure.


Who do I contact with questions regarding Measure B?

For additional information regarding the Measure B special tax please contact Dusty LaChapelle or Martin Goldberg at the District by calling (530) 577-3737.