Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Have you given thought to “How can I better safeguard my family, my home, or my business when disasters like fires, severe weather, and extended power outages strike?” Disasters can strike quickly, and without a preparedness plan, many people can be left not knowing what to do in an emergency. We as that everyone have an understanding and awareness of emergency events and potential disasters that could threaten our area, educate yourself and visitors on what steps to take to protect themselves and property. The following guides and documents are a great place to start. Please take the time to read these guides and become informed and prepared.

South Lake Tahoe Emergency Preparedness Guide Click here 

Community Evacuation Plan Click here

Living with Earthquakes

The Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology has a personal handbook for earthquake safety. This handbook identifies the earthquake threat to Nevada and reviews earthquake safety, how to be prepared for earthquakes, and mitigation of hazards from shaking and fault offset.

To download the free handbook, visit the NBMG website.