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  • Welcome to Lake Valley Fire Protection District

    Welcome to Lake Valley Fire Protection District

    It is the mission of the Lake Valley Fire Protection District to protect our community, its people, and environment, by providing the highest level of fire suppression, emergency medical, disaster, hazardous materials, and fire prevention Read More
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    Operations Division

    The mission of the Operations Division is to protect our community's people, property and environment by conducting aggressive emergency operations to mitigate threats caused by fire, medical emergencies, hazardous materials, and disasters. Read More
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    Fire Prevention Division

    The mission of the fire prevention division is to protect our community's people, property and environment by preventing emergencies through providing inspection, plan checking, and fire and life safety education services. The Fire Prevention Division Read More
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    Fire Adapted Community

    A Fire Adapted Community acknowledges and takes responsibility for its wildfire risk, and implements appropriate actions at all levels. Actions address resident safety, homes, neighborhoods, businesses and infrastructure, forests, parks, open spaces and other community assets Read More
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Addendum 1 to Asphalt Lots RFP

Attention: Asphalt Lot RFP bidders

Below is the link to Addendum 1 to the Asphalt Lots RFP


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Asphalt Lots RFP

Lake Valley Fire Protection District

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Lake Valley Fire Protection District that it is soliciting proposals for services for Asphalt Lots. The FEMA grant-funded project includes the pavement rehabilitation of driveways, drive isles and parking areas at three (3) fire stations in the South Lake Tahoe area. Request for Proposal documents, which includes the Request for Proposals, Agreement, Scope of Work, Fire Station Locations, Technical Specifications, Contract Documents, and other required Proposal Forms may be obtained at no cost by download from the Lake Valley Fire Protection District's website,

Alternatively, Request for Proposal documents may be viewed at no charge at Fire Station Seven, 2211 Keetak Street, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150. Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly' marked with the bidder's name and return address and an electronic copy must be emailed. To be considered, bids must be received by the District at Fire Station Seven, 2211 Keetak Street, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 and electronically at, at or before 5:00 p.m. on August 27th, 2019 at which time the bids will be publicly opened and read.

A mandatory project site visit is currently scheduled for August 5th, 2019. All bidders are required to RSVP to

Technical questions related to project work, site conditions, or other related inquiries should be directed to the District's point of contact, Brad Zlendick, Battalion Chief, as outlined in the Request for Proposal package.


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Defensible Space and Chipping Online Request Form

For Defensible Space and Chipping requests, please double click the link below and fill out the online request form.
***Please make every effort to request services using the online form on the link below. This will help to streamline your request.
If you are experiencing difficulty you may call (530) 577-2447 (CHIP) for assistance.

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Survey Information

Many of you received a survey regarding a proposed tax measure for the Lake Valley Fire Protection District and have had some questions. Below are the answers to some of the commonly asked questions regarding this survey. If you have other questions, please feel free to contract us at

1. Why is the amount of the survey higher then the amount listed on the survey of my friends and neighbors?

- The survey was sent to test a tax range that may be acceptable to homeowners within Lake Valley Fire's jurisdiction. Area on the survey provides space for your option on what you can or can't support as well as your comments or concerns.

2. On some survey's the proposed increase amount seems substantially higher then the survey of friends and neighbors.

- The variations in the proposed amounts are due to some homeowners owning multiple properties. The amount listed on these surveys includes the proposed tax amount for all properties, the tax is not per parcel. 

3. Question #9 of the survey states, any adjustment to the proposed tax does not exceed 4% per year. This is known as an escalator. 

- This question was included in the survey to determine whether or not property owners would support and escalator. It is option to be explored and any comments, questions or concerns can be stated in the space provided below on the survey. Again, the main intent of the survey is to find out what may be acceptable to property owners. 

4. Questions have been asked as to what the collected funds will be used for.

- Should the tax pass, the funds collected will be used strictly for the purchase/maintenance of apparatus, equipment and facility upkeep. An annual audit will take place to ensure appropriate spending of these funds through the benefit assessment model.  At no point in time will these funds be used for wage increases or benefits to district employees.

5.  CALFIRE fee?

- As of the 2017/2018 fiscal year, the CALFIRE SRA fee was abolished and is no longer collected. At no point in time did the CALFIRE SRA fee financially support Lake Valley Fire.

Thank you for your support. We value your feedback and we are always available to answer questions. Your Fire District has delayed asking for a tax increase since 1986. In order to continue to provide the same level of service you receive, we need your support. 


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Golden Bear Mass Evacuation Drill


Golden Bear Mass Evacuation Drill- Saturday May 18, 2019

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services, Lake Valley Fire Protection District, CAL Fire, US Forest Service will be hosting a community evacuation drill on Saturday, May 18. The drill will take place from 8:00am to about 12:00pm.

On the day of the drill, residents of the Golden Bear Tract, who have registered their landline and/or cell phones with their respective regional notification systems (Code Red) will receive a reverse emergency alert call (reverse dial 9-1-1) informing citizens of the drill and at the same time, testing the system.

The “Golden Bear Evacuation Drill” will affect all of the Golden Bear Tract. Approximately 451 residents are asked to voluntarily evacuate to the “Snow Dump” parking lot located at Sierra Boulevard and Barbara Avenue in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Traffic on Golden Bear Trail and Pioneer Trail may experience slight delays due to the drill. A traffic control point will be established at Golden Bear Trail and Pioneer Trail to aid with traffic flow. Again, this event may cause some traffic delays in the area. Visitors and residents of the area should expect these delays and may see an increase in public safety responders and emergency vehicles.

This is a great opportunity for the Public Safety agencies to collaborate and prepare for potential incidents. This drill will also exercise cooperative local agreements as well as an opportunity for residents to gain knowledge of how an evacuation is activated, operationalized, and communicated. We hope our residents will participate in the voluntary evacuation.

If you have not yet signed up for Code Red, you can do it by visiting

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