Notice of Intent to Adopt the 2022 Fire Code Ordinance – Second Notice

Notice is hereby given of the intention of the Lake Valley Fire Protection District to adopt a Fire
Code Ordinance. The District shall hold its second public hearing at 16:00 on Thursday January
5th, 2023 at the Lake Valley Fire Protection District Station 7, 2211 Keetak St, South Lake
Tahoe, CA, regarding the adoption of the 2022 Fire Code Ordinance pursuant to Health and
Safety Code Sections 13869 and 13869.7. Copies of the code section referred to and any
secondary code sections referred to,adopted by reference, are on file with the Secretary of
the District and are open to public inspection. Adoption of the Fire Code Ordinance will adopt
the California Fire Code as currently published in Title 24, Part 9, of the California Code of
Regulations, governing fire prevention and building standards related to fire and panic safety
with some amendments. In some instances the Lake Valley Fire Protection District’s proposed
Fire Code Ordinance proposes building standards more stringent than those minimum building
standards adopted by the State Fire Marshal and contained in the California Building Standards

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